Barna-House, the Barcelona language school

Webs · Graphic Design · Copys
To communicate what a language school with 37 years of experience offers was definitely a big challenge. Concept, content, photos, interactivity ... It was a great job!

The new Web of Barna-House was a very complete project. As always, it is not just design and programming, it involves attention and work in many more areas: defining the communication concept, understanding of the target audience, betting to an idea, writing copys, selecting images, designing navigation architecture, defining the levels of information and interactivity, programming for multiple devices, integrating all with a powerful and simple content management system, fine-adjusting everything, ... At the end the result works.

We're not tired of repeating that to evaluate a project, or a part thereof, as the graphic design, with a "I like" or "I don't like" criteria is subjective and doesn't point you in the right direction, nor allow you to make good decisions. Sometimes the client's criteria is flawed by its daily work, or what he believes it's the current trend, or a sort of this kind of thoughts. But, what we need to know, always, is whether the result works or doesn't work. If it attracts and holds the attention of those who we want to seduce, if they're convinced, if they invest their time in the website, if they perceive what it's expected to be communicated, if they get in touch or buy... If this happens, then it works. If not, it doesn't work. If they contact "despite of"... well it doesn't work either.

Barna-House is run by the founders (with 37 years in the arena) who live the every day work as if the business was founded a month ago. They gave us the freedom, support and trust to propose solutions and make decisions. This project has been a challenge. And it has been rewarding. We are grateful to Barna-House for choosing us and let us work so well.

Why don't you take a look at it: