Social Trends Institute Web remake

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Five years later, the STI trusted us again to update their website. We did a restyling and integrated a new content management system. See the result

Three reasons led to the Social Trends Institute (STI) to consider a renewal of its website. Allow us to explain them and give them some context.

  1. We believe that a website should reflect what a company, individual or institution is. It's an axiom. As living beings who are, companies, people or institutions evolve in some aspects and can change radically in others. When the website no longer reflects who they are, is due to recover it.
  2. It is therefore essential that the content manager is powerful and easy to use as it's the element that conveys the update. A CMS should enhance and promote the updating. But this is not enough by itself. When the design that supports this CMS reaches its limits, it should be improved or changed completely.
  3.  A website is born, grows and dies. It is inevitable that after some years has aged. If it has had a good base, may age with dignity. If not, after 3 months or two years will be something that you prefer not to show ...

In the new STI website we tweaked the design at some extent, mantaining the same feel, because both us and STI thought it was still valid; We made significant improvements to the front-end programming so as to display well in different types of devices; And we programmed a content management system to allow them to make many changes and give them many chances. This CMS is called N2CMS and we have used it for 6 projects. Soon we will POST about it.

We invite you see the project in any device you want. If you like it and want something like it... you know, contact Saants!