PorticoBCN webpage and other cultural curiosities in Barcelona

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With a clear and defined design, the challenge was to insert and adjust PushRoom to make it something a bit different than just a Timeline.

First, the best thing we can do is to show you the project…

This is a bi-weekly online newsletter where you can periodically find events from different artistic and cultural disciplines (exhibitions, concerts,...). All with something in common, they have been carefully chosen, rewarding and contributing.

Keeping this in mind, we identified several objectives: clarity, simplicity, differentiation, easy to use and easy to upgrade.

Because of the needs, we saw that this was an ideal project to manage with PushRoom. Instead of starting everything from scratch: making an events manager, a newsletters configurator (or using a 3rd party tool), a subscriptions system, etc. we proceed by using PushRoom to do all that, adapting the project's Look & Feel in a small Web and consuming the data via the PushRoom API, which gave us a lot of possibilities. Instead of making the customer spend several thousand euros, for € 19.90 a month the customer got everything running and very quickly. Why spend more?...

These days people tend to consume non-professional content in a tablet, in their mobiles. That's why we pay special attention to the result working just as well (or better) on mobile devices.

At the end, adjustments paid off and we think that the result fits perfectly with the PorticoBCN philosophy.

What do you think?