Welcome to the Avantis new website

Welcome to the Avantis new website. Yes, we made it. And yes, we love it!

Yes, we made it. And yes, we love it!

This is the new website of the Avantis Centre for Early Childhood Education. Let’s comment some special aspects of this project.

They were looking for a very visual and clear website. That must provide the values, spirit, energy, enthusiasm, joy, ... that you can feel when you visit the Centre. We create a design in which most part of the information is over white, as clear as possible, but with lots of splashes of color and informal winks here and there. We use a lot of rounded shapes and soft elements based on their logo.

Attending to both, aesthetic and budgetary criteria, they wanted some resemblance, some familiarity for users, between this web and the Pineda School website (both Education Centers, Avantis and Pineda, are connected). Resembling but not the same. At the same time they had to be clearly different. We took some elements of header and footer, navigation options, distributions,... but we gave them a little turn, an Avantis own style.

For us it was imperative to have a top quality photographic material. Paul Mac Manus took all the pictures and he did a tremendous job. He perfectly knew how to capture what the Centre is, without losing sight of what we needed for the web.

The result is what we consider one of the best and most beautiful webs we have done so far.

We would also like to know what do you think about it, do you like it?