Salas Serveis New Website

It was a great challenge for us and... we solved it successfully. We proudly present the new Serveis Salas Site.

It was a great challenge for us and ... We solve it successfully. We proudly present the new Serveis Salas site.

And why was it a challenge?

First, in an aesthetic and conceptual level. And not only for us but also for the customer. It was an important change in its corporate image. It was big change in the way they use to communicate their business, which was the usual way in real estate business. And that's never easy. The look and feel should be changed, but not the serious and rigorous spirit of Salas Serveis. We must make a much more dynamic and modern website, but with the same level of organization and utility.

Conceptually, the change was complete and the web is the candy on top of the cake. We began by establishing lines of communication, the message was revised, we made different illustrated pieces explaining values ​​and services, billboards, blog, etc.....

As mentioned, a challenge also in a more technical level. A site with a lot of updating needs due to the nature of the product. New flats entering, old ones leaving, location maps, pictures, ... A lot of pills information must be updatable and very simply reorganizables by the client.

Another special characteristic is the strong presence in social networks, not only of the company, but also for each of the products individually. This social presence is a big strength of the company and is reflected on the site with a continuous presence of tweets associated to different products (and accounts) that give us always the right information.

In summary, a laborious process that was necessarily long. And, at the same time, very interesting, very instructive. Mostly, thanks to the constant and always kept close communication with those responsible in the Salas Serveis Communication Department. As always, our intention was to be by the client side, be next to him throughout all the process, establishing deep and satisfying professional relationships that go beyond a specific service.

And now is your time to comment.
What do you think about the new site? Do you like it?